Welcome to Pay It Forward Now!

Brett Thompson and Nick Mason have been volunteering for over 10 years. During their volunteer work, they noticed that some otherwise great events suffered from a lack of “follow through”. After the event, attendees lacked ongoing support to continue experiencing the outdoors or the provided mentoring programs had no focus on the outdoors. Brett and Nick formed Pay It Forward Now to address these shortcomings.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to getting more of our youth and adults into the outdoors and learning the skills that previous generations took for granted. Current generations are spending less and less time outdoors. Unfortunately, there are many documented negative consequences of this trend including: increased depression, obesity, diabetes and ADHD.

That’s “The Problem“. Pay It Forward Now aims to be part of “The Solution“.

Look for us to sponsor events for those new to the outdoors as well as those with more experience. Pay It Forward Now will work to provide mentors for ongoing support, focus on providing social support so everyone has a friend to go outdoors with as well as evangelize the benefits of being outdoors. Above all we will strive to make it fun, character building and faith building.

Our premier event is Dad’s Camp. Dad’s Camp evolved from the efforts of Dan Lafever to find a suitable summer camp for his son in 2004. Failing that, Dan created his own summer camp for his son and some of his friends at a family farm and taught them outdoor skills. From that inauspicious beginning, Dad’s Camp has continued to grow ever since.

We are also aware of the demands placed on everyone’s free time and that the free time you have is precious and valuable. We are planning to have a variety of shorter events modeled on those in Alistair Humphrey’s book “Micro Adventures“. Nearly all of our events strive to be “family friendly”.

Now, Let’s Get Going!

Note Regarding the New Website

For those who participated in our previous events as the Indiana chapter of Pass It On-Outdoor Mentors (outsidementors.org), please be assured that your previous account information and ticket purchases have been retained in the transition to the new Pay It Forward Now website.

The outsidementors.org domain is now configured to automatically redirect you to pifn.org. Most outsidementors.org pages will map to a similar page on pifn.org. If you get a “Page Not Found” error, simply use the navigation menu or search functions to assist you in finding content on the new website.

If you would like to confirm your prior ticket purchase, simply login to the website by clicking the “My Account” link in the site header and providing your account credentials (these will be the same as for outsidementors.org). Once you have successfully logged in, simply go to the event page and you should see text indicating your ticket purchase along with a link to the ticket details (circled in red in the screenshot to the right):

If you have any issues accessing your previously purchased tickets or with the new website in general, please don’t hesitate to notify us via our Contact Us page.