Event Report: White Rock Park/St. Paul Cliffs (August 2017)

Yesterday, we had our second Pay It Forward Now event and we invited all the Dads Camp attendees as well. We had a good turnout of around 20 and everyone had fun.

The weather was awesome at right around 80 degrees. The event was held at White Rock Park/St Paul Cliffs about an hour east of Indianapolis. Let me say that if some of your favorite phrases are “Watch this!” or “You might be a redneck if…” you are going to love this place!

White Rock Park/St Paul Cliffs is a rock quarry with very steep sides and therefore deep water right off shore with every kind of fun way to get in the water I could think of: zip line, rope swing, diving platform and, my favorite, steps. There are changing rooms and restrooms plus a food truck (which we didn’t try so I can’t report on the quality of the food).

We drove our car and parked right next to the quarry. It is better to drive deeper into the park as you can access your car while swimming if you do. One must is water shoes of some kind; otherwise you are walking on sharp gravel. It was a great day of splashing, swimming, laughing and just floating. People were great and shared their floats. I recommend a life jacket or pool float of some kind so you can relax.

Destination Rating

Pros: Options for all ages to enjoy the water. Unique setting.
Cons: Lines can get long. Cheaper would be better.


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