Pay It Forward Now is Growing!

We have helped get a group going in Colorado. Darren Turner has stepped up and is leading the group. They are in the Denver Area and have already done several events with several more coming up. He can be reached at or 720-849-9326.

Art of Manliness: How to Get Your Kids to Love Nature

If you haven’t visited the Art of Manliness website yet, I would encourage you to do so. The site is jam-packed with articles relating to the positive aspects of traditional “manliness”. Many of those articles (unsurprisingly) have a focus on nature and being outdoors.

A recent post titled “How to Get Your Kids to Love Nature” really hits home on the themes and positive aspects of being outdoors that Pay It Forward Now is promoting.

Really, the effects of nature are such an enormous boon to physical, emotional, and mental health that were they offered in the form of a pill, people would be rushing out to buy it for themselves, and their children, even if it was exorbitantly priced. And nature is free!

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Event Report: Boones Pond Canoe Training (September 2017)

We had a great day on the water. We had 6 mentors and mentees from Shepperd Community. They do a great job of helping at risk youth. We showed up at Boones Pond in Lebanon at 10 AM. The weather was sunny with a slight breeze. We started with a 15 minute lesson on the shore and then got into the canoes.
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Shameless Travels: Canoe 50

While on a canoe/kayak trip on the Blue River as part of the 2017 Dad’s Camp earlier this summer, we ran into a guy (Eric Straw) whose goal is to canoe all 50 states (Eric is definitely not “sitting on the couch”!). Spending at least two days and one night on a natural and un-dammed waterway in each state is his goal. At this point he has 32 down and 18 to go…

In late July, Eric was canoeing the Blue River between Blue River Chapel and State Park Bridge which runs through the Harrison-Crawford State Forest. Shortly after taking a much-needed bath (yes, in his birthday suit) in the river, Eric was surprised by our Dad’s Camp canoe flotilla. As often happens in the outdoors, greetings were exchanged and some short conversations ensued. With pleasantries completed, they parted company only to meet later at the State Park Bridge take-out.
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Event Report: Dad’s Camp in California (July 2017)

Pay it Forward Now is getting going in California. Brian Teig organized a Father/Mentor and Son Camp Out at OSO Campgrounds near Big Bear Lake, July 28-30. They had 100 attendees and had a great time. They showed up Friday night, got unpacked and had a devotional. Saturday was a fun day with campers getting their choice of fishing, 4×4 rides, canoeing, boating or hiking. A group dinner followed along with some friendly competition via a jousting tournament and tug of war. Sunday they had a group service and came home in the afternoon.

Event Report: White Rock Park/St. Paul Cliffs (August 2017)

Yesterday, we had our second Pay It Forward Now event and we invited all the Dads Camp attendees as well. We had a good turnout of around 20 and everyone had fun.

The weather was awesome at right around 80 degrees. The event was held at White Rock Park/St Paul Cliffs about an hour east of Indianapolis. Let me say that if some of your favorite phrases are “Watch this!” or “You might be a redneck if…” you are going to love this place!
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Introducing Pay It Forward Now

Brett Thompson and Nick Mason have been volunteering for over 10 years. During their volunteer work, they noticed that some otherwise great events suffered from a lack of “follow through”. […]

Event Report: Camp Atterbury Pistol Event (June 2017)

This past Saturday, June 10th, Pass It On-Outdoor Mentors sponsored an extremely unique event held at Camp Atterbury just south of Indianapolis, IN. The event was held on one of Camp Atterbury’s pistol ranges that include computerized “pop-up” targets.

The targets are hinged at their forward edge and are mechanically raised and lowered via computer control. The surface of the target is sensitive to bullet impacts and can score either a “hit” (a strike on the periphery of the target) or a “kill” (a strike to either the central chest or head areas of the target). If the target is struck in the “kill” area it will automatically lower; otherwise, the target will remain up for it’s programmed duration.

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